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Hi Everybody, Welcome!

We’re Yong Huat and Gilbert Pereira, the founders of myLovematters.  We are also directors of Absolute Tec & Services Pte Ltd, a private investigation agency, licensed by the Singapore Police Force. Broken relationships, feuding neighbours, staff disloyalty, vandalism, etc., these are some examples of the cases we have undertaken for the ordinary folk to VIPS, law firms, small and medium enterprises to multi-national corporations.

We embarked on mylovematters when we realized a good number of our clients were trying to resolve their problems after actually having contributed to them, directly or indirectly through their lack of concern for their loved ones, employees, colleagues , neighbours, etc. Society has been caught up with progress and excellence, and may have become ignorant of the less fortunate. Many feel it is the duty of the government and philanthropists to look after this group of people through social welfare schemes and donations. No doubt, there are ordinary individuals who have responded to the plights of the less fortunate but the numbers are not enough.  myLovematters seek to prevent this gap from widening; summarized aptly by our Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong in a speech he gave at a community event (The Straits Times @ 13 Jan 2005):

“Singapore must not become a society where each person cares only for his
immediate family and is preoccupied with earning money & chasing his career. 
We want one that is warm-hearted, where the fortunate find meaning
in giving & the needy find solace in receiving”

The message of myLovematters is that you can make a difference and you don’t need to wait for the government or philanthropists to begin it.  Whatever action you take, no matter how small, will make a ripple of changes in society simply because you are society. Whether you help the homeless, give some support to a needy person, assist an ex-prisoner get a job, etc. myLovematters is about you.  If you only take a step, reach out and do it, your action will have a result and create other actions – and you will find that you have changed the world…because you have made your love matter

We started a magazine series back in 2005 which focused on individuals and businesses who made a positive difference in society. Titled myLovematters, it caught the attention of a journalist and was highlighted by the Singapore Press Holdings. As the magazine’s outreach to the public was limited by the number of copies that can be printed, we decided to go online to reach out to a wider audience.


We have a series of initiatives that we will roll out across time to bring about a vibrant and caring society.  And of course, we can achieve this with your kind participation.



making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate

World heart day and environmental protec

Our Vision

A compassionate Singapore, and beyond.

Our Mission

making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate

Our Philosophy

You do not need to wait for the government or a philanthropist to start. 


Whatever action you take, no matter how small,

will create a ripple of change in society


Whether you help the homeless, tutor a needy student or make a donation to disaster-hit areas,

big or small, myLovematters is about you.


All you need to do is to just take a step and reach out, your action will leave an impact and inspire others – and you will find that you have changed the world because you made your love matter.

Image by Priscilla Gyamfi
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