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Heart Confetti

You have probably heard of The Starfish Story where an elderly man strolling along the beach, at low tide, came across a little boy tossing stranded starfish back into the sea.  Pointing to the string of starfish stranded along the seemingly never-ending shoreline, the man asks the boy, “What difference is it going to make? ” Looking at the fragile starfish resting on his palm, the boy replies:


“Well, it will make a difference to this one.”


Suppose the starfish is:

  • a neighbour retrenched and saddled with debts

  • a child in need of a tutor but whose family cannot afford one

  • an ex-prisoner struggling to find a decent job

  • a family whose utilities supply had been disconnected


What will your response be?

  • I have my own problems to worry about…

  • I am already donating to charity…

  • I will help when I am better off…

  • I can’t possibly help everyone…

  • Let the government take care…


You are just one other person in this world.

And you can be the world to another because

the Power of Love is in hour hands!


Be an account holder with myLoveBANK.


Rich or poor, young to the old - anyone and everyone can be an account holder in this bank that does not accept cash but only pledges.  All you need to do is make a pledge and our bank officer will contact you when a matching need is identified. 

Here are some contributions from our account holders:

  • Renovation loan paid by the patron for a couple who cannot afford to move out from in-law family creating problems. 

  • Wedding dinner paid for a couple who cannot afford to get married. 

  • Groceries paid for a family who ran into difficulties


The intangible rewards for helping to ease someone’s burden, seeing a smile on their faces, knowing you have made a difference – are immense and truly gratifying!

Make a pledge today and tell a friend about the new bank in town.

Our Pledge

adapted from a poem by an unknown author

Do something today to bring gladness

to someone whose pleasures are few;

Do something today to drive off sadness

or cause someone’s dream to come true.


Find time for a neighbourly greeting

and  time to delight an old friend.

Remember, the years are fleeting

and life's latest day will soon end! 

Do something today that tomorrow

will prove to be worthwhile;

Help someone to conquer sorrow

and greet the new day with a smile 

For only through kindness and giving

of service, friendship and cheer,

we learn the joy of living

and find true happiness here

-- all by simply making our Love matter.

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