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We aspire to keep the spirit of myLovematters alive throughout all generations by establishing myLovemattersDAY – a day where we celebrate our mission.


We want to raise awareness of how a caring society can make a difference to those who are suffering, especially in a time where the world has been plagued with poverty, diseases, terrorism, climate change.

Preparations to make myLovemattersDAY an annual event – celebrated by people from all walks of life – may be monumental, but not impossible.


We believe that love and business are inextricably connected.  By investing love in one's business, leaders connect their companies with their people, their brands, and their customers. 


Enduring relationships are cultivated and provide the highest return on any investment imaginable – joy, hope, friendship, laughter, and smiles.


myLovematters is optimistic to work with the government to make this day a success. The event will be given the widest media coverage possible, setting the pace for this special day to evolve into an inspiring and ongoing global experience and perhaps eventually marked in the world’s calendar as a public holiday. 



(once the covid situation improves)

We invite each one of you to contribute in your own special way and assist us to make this event a roaring success. It is your day to celebrate love Singapore and we want to make it a lovely and memorable one for you. 


We also gladly welcome sponsors for the event – be it in terms of providing us with the premises to conduct the event, logistics, food and drinks, entertainment (emcees and music systems) and so on.

Feel the power of love and spread it.

Inspire those around you to do the same!

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