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A Lighted Blessed Candle, A collective Prayer, A get-well message dedicated to 3 WO Jeffrey

Dear Jeffrey Heng,

You must have spent hours training for the Grand Parade Certainly, the Red Lions stand tall As many will attest, you guys are simply great! Despite the risks in parachuting from the sky The Red Lions and you, Jeffrey, adopt an attitude of – never-say-die

As with every dedicated serviceman, you answered the nation’s call Your bravery is recognized – even with that accidental hard fall I may not know you, Jeffrey, but I feel for you and your family Like many Singaporeans, we all stand with you – in solidarity

For you Jeffrey, a blessed candle now burns at my altar Trust me, the power of prayer is as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar For you, Jeffrey, I call on all citizens to embrace a collective prayer For you are one person who dares to dream, I do declare I have every confidence that the Good Lord will help you to recover And a faith helps, you will, on all accounts, discover

Jeffrey, the doctors and nurses will put you on the road to recovery And when you’re back on your feet again, Jeffrey Hey! Wouldn’t that be just lovely! Rest well and keep your spirits high And before you know, you’ll be parachuting all over again From that beautiful blue sky

With best wishes, Raymond Anthony Fernando

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