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Refine and Shine

A Deepavali message 2022 in celebration of the Festival of Lights –Monday 24th October 2022

I can see the colourful lights from afar

I can see the children’s eyes dazzle – like a star

I can see the ladies dressed in beautiful sarees

Their long black hair flowing gently in the breeze

Hindus all over the world celebrate the beauty of Diwali

A festival that all can admire, dance, sing and see

For the Festival of lights can bring peace

So that conflicts all over the globe – will cease

I see the delicious cuisine being laid on the table

The spicy chicken curry that tempts me to run to in a hurry

I see the laughter from the kids when they feast

I see parents praying at the temple and at home

With family bonding, none will be left – all alone

The traditions of Diwali are greatly valued at all levels

It is a good time to jump for joy and to revel

It is the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil

A time to bring much hope amid despair

As Hindus embrace the power of prayer

“A Happy, healthy and prosperous Diwali” to all Hindus

Your good deeds are refined and shine – to one and all

Just like the beauty of the majestic sky – coloured blue


Raymond Anthony Fernando


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